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Meet Missa!

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Annyeong Hasaeyo! Chonun MissaDays-ibnida!

Hello everyone, my name is Missa, and I am a YouTuber under the channel “MissaDays”.

I have a big interest in all things hallyu, so if you decide or have the desire to fangirl/fanboy , please go ahead and come to my channel!

I do not only report on Kpop, I also create videos on Anime and J-fashion as well.

I hope you all enjoy my articles and feel the fangirl feels when you read them kkk~~


pt2See you soon chingu!






Taking North Texas by surprise as the Team Manager of Triple I work with my sister and our Korean Translator team to create content about K-Pop events and Anime Conventions in the DFW area. We are a newly formed team that enjoys all things hallyu and we’re all about that kawaii life.





About Team Triple



Our Team of creators was formed through our love for all things Hallyu and a common interest in kawaii items. Our team lead YouTuber (MissaDays) has seven years experience of being a YouTube creator. Team Manager (Illiana) has a creative background with two years experience as an online content creator working on multiple social media platforms. Members from our translator team also have interest in the online creative world. With a background in hosting anon-blogs and studying journalism.  We are a diverse group working together to share our interests with an International following. Please follow along with us on our adventures. :)


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K-Pop, K-Beauty, J-Fashion