GOT7(갓게븐) First Official Lightstick Unboxing (첫번째 오피셜 굿즈 ~ 야광봉 -개봉기)

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Hi hi,

I finally recieved my official GOT7 Lightstick!

Thank you Mr.Mailman you are the real MVP!FullSizeRender

First off, always make sure to read if your Lightstick will need batteries (this will save you a trip to the store)  and what type of batteries.

For my lightstick, I will need 3 triple A batteries.


The first thing you notice about the lightstick is the design itself. As you can see….there is a bird…why?

The fandom name for GOT7 is “IGOT7″, and is pronounced ” 아이 갓세븐(ah-ee-Got-sebin)”. The name “아가새 (Ah-Ga-Sae) which means “Baby Bird” was formed through wordplay. And since the first official lightstick was being created durng GOT7’s “FLY” era, JYP Entertainment  may have felt it to be appropriate to design the lightstick with a “Baby Bird” to represent not only GOT7 but the fandom as well.


The  aesthetics of the lightstick is very beautiful, including the box it came in. The box was fully decorated in a GOT7 theme. The GOT7 fandom color has yet to be announced, but from the color of the lightstick you can see that the lime green color will be designated as the fandom color (just a guess) considering the color is used as the lightsick’s light color.

If you would like to know how to insert the batteries and how to set up your Lightstick! Please Watch Below!

Until next time Chingus (친구),


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