imPRESS Manicure Review

imPress Manicure

imPress manicure gives you the convenience of a quick to apply manicure without the mess or dry time. As an aunt that lives with her two year old niece I rarely have time to do my nails let alone have the time for nail art.

imPRESS Manicure nails come in all looks of nail art from casual to blinged out. With quick and easy application these nails are a convenient way for me to keep my “nail game on point” without having to visit a salon or without taking at least 2 hours out of my day to decorate my nails.

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Recently I had begun decorating false nails while my niece was asleep or napping. This was very time consuming and although convenient I do not always have the time to decorate nails and this was not an instant manicure solution. However with imPress the nails are already decorated and are ready to apply. Just peel the backing and stick it on your nail. An instant manicure in 10 minutes or less.  A much easier system than decorating false nails for hours, waiting for them to dry, and struggling with nail glue application.


Another pro of these nails is that you can even decorate them if you want to add your own spin to the product. You can mix and match styles with different nails sets to create your own look. With the “Mega Gel Shine” these nails will look natural and provide a salon quality look without the salon visit.

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  1. Pick out nail sizes.
  2. Wash hands and clean nails with nail polish remover and/or nail cleansing cloth.
  3. Peel backing off the nail.
  4. Press down on nail and smooth for even application.

Tip: Wait at least 30 minutes after application before you get your hands wet. Continue to smooth the nails for the next 4 hours to ensure a secure binding.

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The UltraHold Technology works to keep nails on a big innovation from the old press on nail system that would fall off 2 hours after application. These nails can last up to 7 days, at that point you can safely remove the nails without damage to your natural nail.

I received 2 samples of these nails free for Review through Brand Backer. These can be found for $7.99 USD at Walgreens and online at

Personal Thoughts:

I like this system because it provides me with an instant manicure that is quick and easy to apply. As a nail art enthusiast the accent nails are a great plus. I can apply a unique manicure fast without taking my time to decorate my nails. I also like the flexibility of the solid nails it provides a blank canvas I can decorate when I have free time. Over all this product is convenient and will provide any busy person with a quality manicure.

Disclaimer: Although provided this product for free to review that does not influence my opinion, all opinions are my own. 

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