Kawaii (かわいい) Baddie Make-Up (Kawaii Style Fused with American Make-Up Style)



Yahho Minna-san!

Recently, my news feed on Instagram has been filled with the make-up trend known as “BADDIE”.

“BADDIE” is an American Instagram trend, that is styled with a bold lip color using maroons, nudes and neutrals. And is paired with a smokey eye and sharp winged eyeliner. An essential part of the look is the contouring, and the goal is too have a “sharper” appearance.



The reason for this style and use of darker colors, is to give off the vibe of confidence and a “Bad Girl” image.

From Make-Up to clothing, a BADDIE will style their clothing in the same color scheme or follow a cream colored theme for their outfits.



How does this relate to Kawaii?

For myself personally, I do not favor most American trends since I prefer a more cute and innocent look.
However, the “BADDIE” look has caught my attention and I wanted to give it my own Kawaii touch.

First, I will Apply WET&WILD “You’re Always White!” coloricon Kohl Eyeliner to my tear ducts for a brighter/larger eye effect.


For my eye make-up, I will be using darker tones such as the color Glitter Pink Orchid ( 글리터 빙크 오키드) from my KAKAOTALK Lovely Apeach Pallete “Mono Pop Eyes” and I will be following this color with Gray Glitter Shine (글리터 샤인 그레) from the same palette.




I will also be using a gel eyeliner (Milani Fierce Foil Eyeliner in Black) instead of a sharp liquid liner for a softer eye effect.


False lashes are a must! Not only for the Baddie look, but for a more Kawaii big eye effect.
(I purchased these lashes at my local Diaso store)


I will use WET&WILD Mega Protein Mascara to blend in my lashes to the false lashes.


Instead of heavy contouring for a sharper appearance I will only shade my face and create a taller nose using my CROESO bronzer from theBalm “theBalm Voyage” palette.




For my lips, I will be following the fuller lip trend however, instead of the typical kawaii make up style of a gradient lip using a pale pink or red and hiding my lip creases with foundation. I will outline and fill my lips with LORAC PRO “Rose Brown” Matte Lip Crayon and use “My Lips Eat Cherry” Aqua Tint 02 Cherry Red from  TheFaceShop for my gradient lip.



For my blush I will be using “DOBROSLI” from my theBalm “theBalm Voyage” palette and I will apply this color to the highest points of my cheeks.


And We’re Done!

kawaii baddie

I hope many of you enjoyed seeing how I fused kawaii style with a American make-up trend.

See You Soon….

♡ MissaDays ♡

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