Korean Cosmetic Stores in Dallas, Texas

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Often I am asked where I buy Korean Cosmetics. I obtain most of my cosmetics from online shopping and at different stores across the United States.

However I decided to put a list of all the Korean Cosmetic/Skincare road shops and stores that can be found in Dallas, Texas. I will constantly add to this list as I find more stores. If you have any store addresses please post a comment.

Carrollton (Largest Variety of stores in One Shopping Center) Can easily walk to all of them. Like a mini version of K-Town.

Tony Moly

Located near the DMV.
2625 Old Denton Rd
Ste 438
Carrollton, TX 75007
Phone number (469) 892-6797
Link to FaceBook Page

This Road Shop has skincare, hair care, nail polish, body products and of course cosmetics. The sales woman is a very friendly older woman and there are usually one or two younger girls working on the weekends or later in the day. This is the friendliest Korean Cosmetic store in the DFW area in my opinion. Usually they give one or two samples depending on how much items you buy or if you ask.  Join the rewards program.

The Face Shop

Located near Coco Hodo and next to Omi.


  • 2625 Old Denton Rd
    Ste 334
    Carrollton, TX75007
  • Grand Prairie Store is now open!!!

Link to FaceBook Page


Phone number (972) 466-0203

More Skincare products than makeup I recommend this store for facial mist, sheet masks, skin care products and cosmetic tools. There is double eyelid tape and glue available. The cosmetic and nail polish section is smaller but it does have a good size range of products. The sales people will mainly stay behind the counter, but are very helpful if you ask them questions. If you ask lots of questions and talk to the sales people a lot they will give you samples when you check out. Join the rewards program.

Amore Pacific (Aritaum) inside HMart

Located in the front of the store by the registers.



  • 2625 Old Denton Rd
    Carrollton, TX75007
  • Location in Plano,Tx for Amore Pacific and HMart

This store is a small size but still carries mainly skin care and body products, a good variety of cosmetic and skin care accesories, face mist and cosmetics. The cosmetic part is very small but the IOPE Cushion comes with a free gift set of deluxe samples of the skin care line. This store has free gifts with purchase and a rewards program. Make sure if you have already registered to always provide your phone number when checking out, sometimes the sales associate may not ask. Also if you have earned $10 off tell the sales person when you check out you want to apply it to your purchase. I recommend buying the aritaum eye shadow, Laneige eyebrow pencil and the IOPE cushion. This stores also gives out about 1-4 samples when you checkout. I say Aritaum as another name for the store, because I received an e-mail from the store stating that Amore Pacific is now Aritaum. Not sure if there will be a name change but just in case I listed this.

Cosmetic World inside HMart

Located next to cell phone store in the front of store by the registers.

2625 Old Denton Rd
Carrollton, TX75007

This store carries many brands including It’s Skin, Estee Lauder, Dr.Jart, and a few other brands. This is the Korean version of the Cosmetic Company stores often found in American Outlet Malls. I have never purchased from this store, but there is a sheet mask rack and several divided shelves that have items from different brands.



This is a stand alone store inside HMart. I included this store on the list because of the location.

2625 Old Denton Road Suite 400A
Carrollton, Texas 75007

Located on the side of HMart that looks like a shopping mall. It is across from a Korean Medicine shop. This is a single store labeled as Shiseido I believe it sells this brand along with other brands. There is a large rack of nail polishes outside of the store and inside the store is an area with couches and a table. Great lounge area for your significant other who may not like waiting for you at cosmetic stores. I have never shopped here but it looks like a great store to check out.

Missha (New Store)

2625 Old Denton Rd. #411 Carrollton, TX 75007

Located near Cafe Brown Sugar.

This is a stand alone store that just opened. The shop lady is very nice and friendly. She gave me tons of samples and is very helpful. The store has a medium size range of cosmetics, nail polishes, sheet masks, sun screen and lots of skin care and body products. The location is somewhat hidden but if you look for Cafe Brown sugar the store is located in the shopping strip about two stores down from the Cafe.



Amore Pacific (Aritaum)

Located inside of HMart next to the Food Court.

3320 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074
(972) 881-0300

This HMart is superior in aesthetics to the HMart located in Carrollton. The store is newer and very pretty. Also VERY clean. The only down fall is that it does not have a large amount of Korean restaraunts and caffes surrounding the area like the one in Carrollton does. This shop is small and has gifts with purchase. The sales woman was very friendly and gave me TONS of samples. I have not been back to this location since but I hope to return soon.




Grand Prarie

The Face Shop
2615 W. Pioneer Pkwy. #824
(972) 975-5144

Never been to this location but I have heard the store is nice.


So Far this is the list I have compiled. As I said I will be adding to this list so if you have any stores you would like to add to this list please comment below.

-Illiana ^.^

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  1. Came back from shops is Denton there was a store said something in Korean then the word cosmetics it was a a cross from brown sugar older lady followed me everywhere in the store there seemed to be a lot of high end skin care I was looking at the same lows and she would come behind me and straighten everything I touched even though I didn’t make a mess there was a container that was obviously a tester and she said snooty that’s not tester don’t touch I said even better I will leave your 200 skin care was way overpriced and before you judge me I have a 3000 Louis Vuitton purse so I could afford Anything in your store and I walked out like I wasn’t good enough to be in her store after I walked out and said that she locked the door behind me it was only 7pm ha ha ha who told her that her shit don’t stink!!

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