Teen Top Concert

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In every fan girl/fan boy’s life, you come to the realization of “this is actually happening…I am actually going to meet my bias”. Upon the arrival of your bias you feel this rush, and in the rush you begin to “fan-tasize” about how you want the venue to look, your interaction with your bias, and the fandom ocean being alive.

As a sunbae fan of Teen Top, the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium was both a disappointment and advantage to the fans. The auditorium it’s self is much smaller compared to existing arenas in the Dallas area (Verizon center, American Airlines, Texas Stadium etc.). However, this is an advantage to the Angels since Teen Top was able to have better fan engagement and connection with the crowd. If the stadium was much larger than the fan engagement would have been much smaller and the memories for the Angels would have just been classified as “just another K-pop concert”. In my own opinion, I felt since Teen Top is a sunbae group in K-pop they deserve a larger stage, giving them a smaller stage is not only disappointing to see as a fan but also a disappointment to Teen Top themselves. I truly believe, in order to not cancel the concert or reschedule they chose an available stage that would fit not only Teen Top but the Angels as well. In that aspect, my respect for their manager and Teen Top has advanced.


On the subject of fan engagement, Teen Top gave their all to the Angels. I would have to say the members who gave the most engagement during the concert were Ricky and Chang Jo, who would occasionally jump off the stage to shake hands with the fans or take a selca (selfie) with the Angels. My favorite part of the fan engagement was during the set breaks when L.joe would talk and answer questions from the fans in both Korean and English. Even in Hi-touch L.joe was the most interactive with the fans. He made sure each angel felt special and welcomed.

Prior to the concert, all the Angels beforehand created their own performance while waiting for the boys. “Random Dance Play”, which is a famous game Teen Top is known to play when on the Korean variety show “Weekly Idol”, was performed by many Angels who have studied Teen Top’s choreography. The most memorable event for me was practicing the fan chants for Teen Top. Usually, only Korean fans will use the fan chants at a concert, so it was nice to see American fans adapting that aspect to help the boys feel more at home and welcomed. Prior to the concert, a special angel created a banner project, so other Angels could hold up a special message to teen top during the fandom song “Angel” and during their final song as a way to tell the boys we will never forget them and hope to see them again one day.

Personally, this concert is one I will never forget ( Am I being biased?). I have watched Teen Top grow up from trainees to idols and finally seeing them in person is a experience I will never forget.


GOT7(갓게븐) First Official Lightstick Unboxing (첫번째 오피셜 굿즈 ~ 야광봉 -개봉기)

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Hi hi,

I finally recieved my official GOT7 Lightstick!

Thank you Mr.Mailman you are the real MVP!FullSizeRender

First off, always make sure to read if your Lightstick will need batteries (this will save you a trip to the store)  and what type of batteries.

For my lightstick, I will need 3 triple A batteries.


The first thing you notice about the lightstick is the design itself. As you can see….there is a bird…why?

The fandom name for GOT7 is “IGOT7″, and is pronounced ” 아이 갓세븐(ah-ee-Got-sebin)”. The name “아가새 (Ah-Ga-Sae) which means “Baby Bird” was formed through wordplay. And since the first official lightstick was being created durng GOT7’s “FLY” era, JYP Entertainment  may have felt it to be appropriate to design the lightstick with a “Baby Bird” to represent not only GOT7 but the fandom as well.


The  aesthetics of the lightstick is very beautiful, including the box it came in. The box was fully decorated in a GOT7 theme. The GOT7 fandom color has yet to be announced, but from the color of the lightstick you can see that the lime green color will be designated as the fandom color (just a guess) considering the color is used as the lightsick’s light color.

If you would like to know how to insert the batteries and how to set up your Lightstick! Please Watch Below!

Until next time Chingus (친구),


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“Yeogi Butera” | Basic Korean Terms Every Kpop Fan Should Know

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Annyeong Haesaeyo Chonun MissaDays-ibnida!

For this video please call me Missa-Seonsangnim (선생님) , or Saem(샘)!

Today we will be discussing, Basic Korean terms trainee K-pop fans should know! (If you don’t know what a trainee is it is basically a person that passes an audition to a kpop company and  trains to become an idol until their debut day)

First, we will start at what I feel like is the beginning and that is the “Relationship Terminology”

In the K-pop fandom, we use a lot of Korean terms to show a relationship with our favorite celebrities.

Such as Oppa (오빠) , Unnie (언니) , Hyung (형) , Noona (누나) and Dongsaeng (동생).

So what is Oppa/Unnie and Hyung/Noona?

Oppa (오빠) is literally translated to “Older Brother” it is a term only a younger sister can use when addressing  her brother. However, if you have a close relationship with a male who is older than you then you can call him Oppa. But…but…there is a difference when you go about calling a guy who is not related to you “Oppa”.

For example you have “KwangHee Oppa”, he is the funny idol oppa who you support all the time and always makes you laugh.

and then you have….T.O.P Oppa, who is the really cool and nice to stare at oppa that you may fan-tasize about daily

A term that is like Oppa but used by a boy is Noona. Noona is translated as older sister and is a term only a younger male uses to address his older sister. Again, if you are a male and have an older friend who is close with you, then you can call her Noona. Also just like Oppa you have your two different types of noonas.

You have your chill and cool Noona like Amber and then you have Hyuna Noona who rips out the hearts of young men.

There are other terms that fans use to address their idol. Such as Hyung (형) and Unnie (언니) .

Unnie (언니)  is translated to “Older Sister” and is used to address an older sister by a younger sister. You can also use this term with a close female friend who is older than you.

So my favorite girl idol is Amber from f(x) so I would call her Unnie if I ever met her in real life so she knows that I  consider her as my sister or someone I look up too because she is older than me,

Hyung (형) , is a term used by a younger male to address his older brother. However, if a male has an older guy friend that he is close with he will address him as hyung.

So if I was a male and I was meeting Seo Kang Joon, and I was younger than him and I look up to him, I would address him as hyung to show him that he is someone I consider to be close with because I am his fan.

Now if you are a younger fan. you may be addressed as “Dongsang” which translates to younger sibling and can be used for male and female. And if your like me and you enter a K-pop groupchat and everyone finds out your the youngest you will be called “maknae (막내)” which means youngest member in a K-pop group.

Now that we have relationship terms out of the way let’s talk about idols!

What is an idol?

Idol is a term used for a celebrity. This is only commonly used in the K-Pop world. And is usually used to address a singer.

What is a Bias?

Your Bias is someone that you favor more than the other members or any other K-pop idol.

and Bias Group?

Is your all time favorite k-pop group that you never see yourself leaving.

What is Ultimate Bias?

Your Ultimate Bias is basically your first love. They are someone you will never get over. When you close your eyes you think of them. When you sleep, you dream of them. No one else compares to your ultimate bias….even if they ignore you……they will always be #1.

Now…what is a Bias Wrecker?

Okay…this particular bias is basically evil. They will try to do anything for you to change your mind, or make them your new ultimate bias. They will destroy your feels day by day until you give in.

Why do K-Pop fans call themselves Potatoes? and what is a Saesang Fan (사생팬)?

Some K-pop fans consider themselves to be ugly when they compare themselves to their idol so they gave themselves the name “Potatoe” because we all know compared to Ren we are potatos.

Saesang Fan(사생팬) is basically a stalker fan that does pretty extreme stunts in order to get to their bias.

In my opinion the fandom with the most saesang fans would be EXO and BTS.

Why do Kpop Fans always say “Aigoo (아이구)” and “Yogei Butera (여기 붙어라) “?

Aigoo (아이구)  is a word used to express disbelief, shock, suffering, and is similar to OMG

I mainly use this term when I see Jackson do something weird and I am embarrassed to be his fan.

Yogei Butera (여기 붙어라)  comes from the song “Fantastic Baby by Big Bang” and means “Come Together” Usually when said someone will respond with “modu moyera (모두모여라)” which means “Everyone Gather Here”.


*Note: It is said if you yell “Yogei Butera” in public and someone responds with “Modu Moyera” you have found your Kpop Soul Mate

Okay Class! You have been through your first lesson of being a K-Pop Fan Trainee!

If you enjoyed this please request a Part 2!


See you soon Chingu!

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Trumpet on the Cliff (L.Joe of TEEN TOP) ( Background Info)

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L.Joe is casted as the male lead Zio who is the love interest of Aoi, who is played by Nanami Sakuraba a famous acctress in Japan. The movie is a collaboration between Japan and Korea, and is shot on the Okinawa island of Ishigaki.

The story begins as Aoi is recieving treatment after her heart transplant surgery, as she is recovering she meets Zio, the man who plays the trumpet.
The movie is a sad romance of two young adults, and is directed by the Korean director Han Sang Hee, who presented this film at the Okinawa International Movie Festival, which follows the theme of “Love and Laugh”.


“Trumpet of the Cliff” (Plot)
Follows the story of a young girl name Aoi (Nanami Sakuraba) who is studying photography at a school in Tokyo. However due to a heart transplant operation she leaves Tokyo to the island of Okinawa. Where she stays with her Uncle until she is fully recovered. One day when she was out on the island with her camera she hears the sound of a trumpet. When she looks up from her camera she sees a young man playing the trumpet. His name is Zio (L.Joe)

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