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In every fan girl/fan boy’s life, you come to the realization of “this is actually happening…I am actually going to meet my bias”. Upon the arrival of your bias you feel this rush, and in the rush you begin to “fan-tasize” about how you want the venue to look, your interaction with your bias, and the fandom ocean being alive.

As a sunbae fan of Teen Top, the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium was both a disappointment and advantage to the fans. The auditorium it’s self is much smaller compared to existing arenas in the Dallas area (Verizon center, American Airlines, Texas Stadium etc.). However, this is an advantage to the Angels since Teen Top was able to have better fan engagement and connection with the crowd. If the stadium was much larger than the fan engagement would have been much smaller and the memories for the Angels would have just been classified as “just another K-pop concert”. In my own opinion, I felt since Teen Top is a sunbae group in K-pop they deserve a larger stage, giving them a smaller stage is not only disappointing to see as a fan but also a disappointment to Teen Top themselves. I truly believe, in order to not cancel the concert or reschedule they chose an available stage that would fit not only Teen Top but the Angels as well. In that aspect, my respect for their manager and Teen Top has advanced.


On the subject of fan engagement, Teen Top gave their all to the Angels. I would have to say the members who gave the most engagement during the concert were Ricky and Chang Jo, who would occasionally jump off the stage to shake hands with the fans or take a selca (selfie) with the Angels. My favorite part of the fan engagement was during the set breaks when L.joe would talk and answer questions from the fans in both Korean and English. Even in Hi-touch L.joe was the most interactive with the fans. He made sure each angel felt special and welcomed.

Prior to the concert, all the Angels beforehand created their own performance while waiting for the boys. “Random Dance Play”, which is a famous game Teen Top is known to play when on the Korean variety show “Weekly Idol”, was performed by many Angels who have studied Teen Top’s choreography. The most memorable event for me was practicing the fan chants for Teen Top. Usually, only Korean fans will use the fan chants at a concert, so it was nice to see American fans adapting that aspect to help the boys feel more at home and welcomed. Prior to the concert, a special angel created a banner project, so other Angels could hold up a special message to teen top during the fandom song “Angel” and during their final song as a way to tell the boys we will never forget them and hope to see them again one day.

Personally, this concert is one I will never forget ( Am I being biased?). I have watched Teen Top grow up from trainees to idols and finally seeing them in person is a experience I will never forget.


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