Trumpet on the Cliff (L.Joe of TEEN TOP) ( Background Info)

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L.Joe is casted as the male lead Zio who is the love interest of Aoi, who is played by Nanami Sakuraba a famous acctress in Japan. The movie is a collaboration between Japan and Korea, and is shot on the Okinawa island of Ishigaki.

The story begins as Aoi is recieving treatment after her heart transplant surgery, as she is recovering she meets Zio, the man who plays the trumpet.
The movie is a sad romance of two young adults, and is directed by the Korean director Han Sang Hee, who presented this film at the Okinawa International Movie Festival, which follows the theme of “Love and Laugh”.


“Trumpet of the Cliff” (Plot)
Follows the story of a young girl name Aoi (Nanami Sakuraba) who is studying photography at a school in Tokyo. However due to a heart transplant operation she leaves Tokyo to the island of Okinawa. Where she stays with her Uncle until she is fully recovered. One day when she was out on the island with her camera she hears the sound of a trumpet. When she looks up from her camera she sees a young man playing the trumpet. His name is Zio (L.Joe)

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